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The Best Hair Styling Tools for Soft and Strong Strands

We all know the challenges of balancing the health of our hair and scalp, while still achieving the trendy styles we love. All too often, hair styling involves exposing your locks to excessive heat, harsh chemicals, and damaging techniques that only make hair concerns worse. Fortunately, we’ve got the best hair styling tools to help your natural hair shine. 

Our clean beauty experts have taken the time to curate the top damage-free styling tools to help you achieve the perfect style while also being gentle on your hair and scalp. These top-tier tools will leave you with salon-worthy styles, at a fraction of the cost—oh, and did I mention you can use these everyday?! Let’s break down the benefits of these top hair styling tools for soft and strong strands and how to use them effectively.  

  • Best Hair Styling Massager: Briogeo - Scalp Massager
  • Best Hair Styling Dryer: Plume - Ultra Soft Microfibre Hair Towel
  • Best Hair Styling Scalp Tool : Lanshin - Jade Scalp Stimulator
  • Best Hair Styling Cap: SHHHOWERCAP - The Nova


    Best Hair Styling Massager

    Briogeo - Scalp Massager

     Briogeo - Scalp Massager

    Price: $18

    This tool is sure to become a mane-stay in your haircare routine. From relieving stress, to improving product absorption, this simple handheld device is the perfect pal for in the shower, or on-the-go!

    You can use this scalp massager on dry hair to stimulate circulation and loosen dirt, dandruff, and dead skin cells from the scalp—think of it as a gentle exfoliator! We also love to use this tool in combination with our fave shower products. Bring this handheld tool in the shower to help gently distribute and massage shampoos and conditioners through your tresses. The soft rubber bristles gently stimulate the hair follicle without tugging on strands and creating excess hair fall.

    We know that hair treatments and serums can add up. Applying the formula with a scalp massager helps increase the product absorption so you can get the most out of your hair products and enjoy even better results. The Briogeo Scalp Massager is a must-have addition to your clean hairapy routine.

    Best Hair Styling Dryer

    Plume - Ultra Soft Microfibre Hair Towel

    Plume - Ultra Soft Microfibre Hair Towel

    Price: $20

    If drying your hair is the most dreaded part of your hair wash routine, you’re not alone. For those of us with thicker or longer locks, air drying can be tedious and heat drying can cause more damage than it’s worth. Luckily, we have just the tool that’s up for the challenge.

    Meet the ultra-soft microfibre towel that can cut drying time in half, all while taming frizz and keeping strands secure. Unlike your traditional cotton towels, these ultra-fine fibers reduce friction against your strands to prevent breakage and damage.

    The best part? This towel comes with a button closure to neatly tuck hair up and away from your décolletage so you can multitask through the rest of your beauty routine while your hair dries. Get ready to change your tune—with this handy hair accessory, you’ll be looking forward to your next hair wash day!

    Best Hair Styling Scalp Tool

    Lanshin - Jade Scalp Stimulator


    Lanshin - Jade Scalp Stimulator

    Price: $59

    Rooted in Chinese medicine practices, this low-tech tool brings high-performance hair care results by stimulating the multiple acupressure points on the scalp and body while promoting increased blood circulation and qi flow (positive energy). Although this tool is shaped like a comb, it can be used on the scalp, neck, and hands! The increase in circulation not only helps your scalp, but can also help lift and sculpt the face (who doesn’t love haircare with added skincare benefits!)

    This tool is crafted from the highest grade of Jade, which is believed to have healing properties that rebalance and remove toxins from the body. Jade is also known to symbolize harmony and grounding, which adds a relaxing touch to this self-care ceremony.

    It’s recommended that you apply pressure in small circular motions, then move onto gentle tapping motions and gently glide the comb through the hair. Use gentle pressure at first, and adjust to suit your preferences. For best results, use this tool 2-3 times a week on dry hair, and be sure to drink plenty of water! This technique will work best on hydrated skin for optimal lifting and stimulating. 

    Best Hair Styling Cap

    SHHHOWERCAP - The Nova


    SHHHOWERCAP - The Nova

    Price: $49

    Shower caps have never been a stylish, luxury hair tool—until now. Hear us out:

    Daily hair washing leads to an excessively oily scalp and dried out ends. Not to mention the amount of unnecessary water consumption (did you know that every three minutes in the shower is equal to roughly 6 gallons of water?!). Save time on your hair (and the planet!) with a stylish nano-technology infused cap to keep the longevity of your strands between washes.

    These shower caps are waterproof and breathable. It’s basically magic. The soft fabric repels water at a molecular level, so water beads off of the cap allowing it to dry in an instant. Unlike the cheap plastic shower caps of the past that trap humidity and can ruin your chances at a flawless hair day, this innovative cap defies humidity by letting air free flow through the cap, without allowing moisture in. There’s also no need to worry about bacteria and mildew growing in between washes due to the antibacterial properties of the fabric.

    If function isn’t already enough to make you add-to-cart, then the beautiful vibrant prints and patterns will. These caps are even stylish enough to wear out of the house to run errands while you leave a mask or treatment in! Do your hair a favor and treat your tresses to one of the most versatile tools on this list.

    How we chose the best hair styling tools on this list

    These top-tier hair styling tools were meticulously curated by our team of experts based on their innovation, performance, and buzz-worthiness. At the Detox Market, all of the products we carry have pure ingredients, exceptional performance, and cruelty free formulations. We've been the trusted clean beauty experts for over a decade, cutting through the clean beauty noise and providing you with nothing but the best in green beauty. You can learn more about our commitment to clean beauty here.

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