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Province Apothecary’s Natural Facelift Ritual

Developed by Province Apothecary founder Julie Clark and her team of aestheticians, the Natural Facelift is an invigorating facial massage designed to help rejuvenate the skin and maintain a glowing complexion, no matter your age. Clark describes the ritual as “giving your face a gift. You are stimulating it, waking it, releasing tension and helping it let go of toxins that if not calmed and balanced, may come out in a form of pimples, blackheads or milia.” Because of its invigorating and stimulating nature, the Natural Facelift Ritual will provide the best results for your skin if performed in the morning. Although it may take some getting used to while learning to incorporate it into your daily routine, the results are well worth the time and effort. Some of the improvements that you can expect to see after regular massaging? A brighter complexion, increased tone and elasticity of facial muscles and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These benefits can be attributed to the ritual’s two-step process, which begins with acupressure point stimulation on a clean, dry face. For those unfamiliar with the practice, performing acupressure on the face helps to awaken facial muscles and release tension, while encouraging blood flow and brightening the skin. Completing the Natural Facelift involves targeting 11 points across the face that not only improve facial muscle tone, but are also tied to your overall health. Each acupressure point should be held for three seconds each, before moving onto the massage technique in step two. Begin the massage by applying a generous amount of your favourite toner and facial serum (we love the Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum from Province Apothecary), and following along with the 12 steps of the Natural Facelift guide. This second step helps to break up muscle tissue that causes wrinkles and stimulates collagen production for smoother skin. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, which decreases puffiness by draining fluids from the face.
  • Use gentle pressure around the eye area with the exception of under the brow
  • Never pull on the skin under your eye
  • Placing your thumbs on your temples or under your jawline while massaging will help stabilize and allow you to increase pressure across the forehead or along the cheekbones
  • Apply more oil to your neck before final draining
  • Use gentle pressure on your neck
  • Warm your face serum between your palms before applying evenly all over the face
If you prefer a more in-depth explanation, you can also follow along with a video demonstrating the entire process. So, whether you’re new to facial massage or have been practicing it and are looking for some different techniques, everyone can benefit from the Natural Facelift Ritual. You’ve got nothing to lose, so grab a mirror and try it out for yourself!   Shop all Province Apothecary, here.

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