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11 Best Natural Lip Balms for a Smooth and Plump Pout

No one enjoys the uncomfortable feeling of peeling, cracked, dry lips. That’s why everyone has a favorite lip balm that they keep in every pocket, bag, and room. 

You may not realize that many conventional lip balms (possibly even your fave) are usually chock-full of synthetics, waxes, and silicones—and we can guarantee you don't want those things anywhere near your mouth.

Lucky for you, we've done the dirty work to help you find the cleanest lip balms with all the good and none of the bad.

Whether you're looking for a hydrating, plumping, tinted, or vegan lip balm—or even a lip balm for specific weather conditions (yep, we dug that deep)—we promise we've got your lips covered in the cleanest, most moisturizing way.

It's time to kiss our curated list of the best natural lip balms hello!

Here are the top 11 Natural Lip Balms for 2022.

Best Natural Lip Balm for Chapped Lips

Osmia - Lip Doctor


Osmia - Lip Doctor


Price: $12

Review: 4.6/5

When your lips need to dial 9-1-1, count on this lip balm to answer.

If you suffer from severely chapped, cracked, peeling lips, this ultra-hydrating holy grail from Osmia is the emergency response you need for repairing dryness.

Its nourishing yet simple formula is made with only six ingredients, including lavender-infused olive oil and organic cocoa butter, to soothe even the driest lips.

Avocado and argan oil are the magic makers in this lip balm as they deeply penetrate for a conditioned and supple pout.

Plus, thanks to ethically-sourced beeswax, it keeps moisture locked in, so your lips stay quenched without having to frequently apply (but don’t let us stop you from using it on repeat!).

This formula is also castor oil- and essential oil-free (we told you it was simple) and comes in a compact, easy-to-use twist tube for effortless application on the go.


Best Lip Balm for Glossy Lips

True Botanicals - Moisture Lock Glossy Balm


True Botanicals - Moisture Lock Glossy Balm


Price: $24

Review: 5/5

Seeking a gloss that looks chic and leaves an effortless sheen but doesn't sacrifice hydration or feel sticky? True Botanicals has just the balm for you.

Thanks to both low and high molecular hyaluronic acids and two plant-derived emollients (hi, shea butter and mango butter!), this hybrid balm helps retain moisture for smooth, plumper-looking lips over time.

And just when you thought this formula couldn't get any better, spilanthes—a nourishing flowering herb—and avocado oil help firm up the look of your lips to appear taut and youthful.

Not to mention the creamy formula’s natural vanilla-rose scent, which provides a subtle sweetness you'll never pout about.

For a comfortable, long-wearing lip look, try layering this glossy balm both under and on top of your favorite lip tints and sticks. 

Best Lip Balm for Plumper Lips

Kari Gran - Naked Lip Whip


Kari Gran - Naked Lip Whip


Price: $20

Review: 4.5/5

You don’t have to look far to know that full, pouty lips are the hottest beauty trend right now.

Yet so many brands have responded with products packed with undesirable synthetic lip-plumping ingredients.

Cue this everyday natural lip balm from Kari Gran that uses only the cleanest ingredients to help your pout look authentically round and full without any of the icky fake stuff.

A nutrient-dense blend of hydrating organic ingredients like camellia and calendula, plus fatty acid-rich avocado oil, gives this lip balm its emollient texture to restore suppleness.

Wondering how it helps plump the look of your lips? You can thank either peppermint oil or cinnamon extract (depending on which version you choose) for that.

These invigorating spices stimulate lip circulation giving your lips an au natural subtle tingle for a just-bitten look. Cool right? 

Best Lip Balm for Mature Lips

Odacité - Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum


Odacité - Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum


Price: $48

Review: 3.7/5

As skin ages, the collagen production in our body slowly depletes, causing signs of fine lines to pop up seemingly overnight—especially around the lip area.

Thankfully, Odacité has found a solution with this triple-action lip serum targeting visible lip lines.

It feeds your skin with CoQ10 and vitamin C—two antioxidants naturally found in the skin that diminishes overtime—to restore smoothness and suppleness.

Plus, nutrient-dense essential oils and fruit extracts like blueberry, pomegranate, and capsicum firm and tighten the look of skin to appear more youthful.

And as if that’s not enough, its age-defying formula is delivered through a crystal applicator made from aventurine crystal to add another level of luxury.

Known to bring prosperity and aid in healing, aventurine helps deliver beneficial energy to your lips with each roll.

Best Lip Balm for Flaky Lips

ILIA - Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment


ILIA - Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment


Price: $26

Review: 4.8/5

Transforming flaky skin into soft and supple requires a two-step routine: exfoliation and hydration.

ILIA has not only mastered both but has combined them in this glorious overnight treatment that sloughs away dryness and replenishes lips with cushiony moisture come morning. Think of it as a facial for your lips!

The dual-action formula's calming lavender-chamomile scent wraps lips in a lullaby of hydration so you can wake up to a smooth, supple pout.

With the help of exfoliating papaya enzymes, plus moisturizing sea succulent and plumping hyaluronic acid, it sweeps away flakes and restores comfort for a thriving pout.

Feeling more flaky than usual? Apply it throughout the day as you would a regular lip balm for a moisture boost or double-up on hydration with ILIA’s Lip Wrap Reviving Balm.

Don’t sleep on this lip balm; sleep with it on!

Best Lip Balm for Sensitive Skin

Hurraw! - Unscented Lip Balm


Hurraw! - Unscented Lip Balm


Price: $4.99

Review: 4.9/5

When searching for a sensitive skin-friendly lip balm, you want to steer clear of those with heavy fragrances, unnecessary additives, and other bothersome ingredients.

Instead, turn to ones that are gentle, fragrance-free, and made without synthetic essential oils.

Hurraw! thinks twice before deciding what to put in their vegan lip balms, making them an ideal choice for those facing sensitivity.

Our fave from the brand is this unscented version that provides the same nourishment and buttery rich formula as any other lip balm sans the disrupting fragrances (so your sensitive pout can stay unbothered).

Brimming with simple ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil—a vitamin E-potent superstar hydrator—castor oil, and cocoa seed butter, it leaves lips looking and feeling calm and soft.

And for those of you blessed with non-reactive skin, this is still a great choice for an everyday go-to, or check out the brand’s various naturally-fragrant alternatives.

Best Natural Lip Balm for Tint

Henné Organics - Luxury Lip Tint


Henné Organics - Luxury Lip Tint


Price: $21

Review: 4.8/5

Getting that just-right tint is something many of us lust after, yet more often than not, pigment finds its way into lip creases and dries out the skin by mid-day.

Now, what if we told you we found an option that rivals (dare we say beats) all other tinted lip balms?

Well, Henné Organics brings a buildable tint and deep moisture to this luxurious lip balm that imparts deep, lasting hydration and a gorgeous wash of color.

Plant-powered emollients rich in fatty acids—like avocado, castor, and coconut oil—give this lip balm its velvety texture and effortless slip for easy, mess-free application.

The 89% organic formula is available in six buildable shades—from a bohemian coral to a moody plum—created to suit every skin tone (so why not try them all?).

We like to apply it in a thin layer for a barely-there sheen or layer up for a head-turning, bold look that keeps comfort in check.

Best Organic Lip Balm

KYPRIS Beauty - Lip Elixir Balm


KYPRIS Beauty - Lip Elixir BalmPrice: $49

Review: 4.8/5

Deep conditioning? Check. Protective? Check. Certified organic? Check.

Your lips deserve to experience moisturizing comfort without sacrificing clean, plant-powered ingredients. The texture is buttery soft and packed with pout-loving ingredients that are sure to put a smile on your face. This occlusive formula features shea butter, peptides and plant stem cells that create a barrier to lock in moisture for long lasting softness. 

The secret to this lip elixir is the blend of sunflower and rice bran waxes, both of which are vegan emollients for soothed and nourished skin. Apply a generous layer before bed and let the calming aromatherapy notes of jasmine and violet help you drift off to dreamland.



Best Organic Lip Balm for Summer

Solara Suncare - Pout Protector Moisturizing Lip Serum SPF15


Solara Suncare - Pout Protector Moisturizing Lip Serum SPF15


Price: $16

Review: 4.4/5

Picture this—it's mid-July, and the dry heat has stripped moisture from both your skin and lips (and never mind the lip burn!).

Just like the rest of your skin, your lips crave moisture and effective sun protection during the sunny summer months.

This lightweight, non-sticky mineral organic lip balm is a must-have for keeping the delicate skin on lips hydrated, plump, and (most importantly) shielded from those harsh rays.

We know what you’re probably thinking—sunscreen is known for having an unpleasant scent and taste, so why would you want that on your lips? Trust us, this isn't any old sunscreen.

On top of quintessential zinc oxide, beautiful Tahitian monoï coconut oil nourishes and actively repairs the skin as you wear it. At the same time, antioxidant blackberry extract and ashwagandha provide defense against environmental stressors and free-radical damage.

For maximum protection, we suggest applying this lip balm generously to lips fifteen minutes before sun exposure and reapply every time you do the rest of your sun care routine.


Best Organic Lip Balm for Winter

Weleda - Skin Food Lip Butter


Weleda - Skin Food Lip Butter


Price: $6.99

Review: 4.6/5

Just as temperatures rise for summer, they drop just as quickly for winter—hello, moisture-sucking dry air! From your hands to lips, you can count on the cold to bring out the worst of your skin.

But, unlike the rest of your body, lips don't have the benefit of natural oils to fend off the peeling, flaking, and cracking brought on by the harsh cooler weather.

That's where lip balms and butters come in to save the day, and Weleda's lip balm is everyone's hero for intensive repair.

Based on the brand’s iconic, cult-followed Skin Food Ultra Rich Cream, this lip balm is specifically formulated to hydrate dry, winter-parched lips. 

Featuring a moisture-rich blend of sunflower seed oil, chamomile, and calendula extract, it seamlessly melts into cracked skin upon application and leaves lips feeling supple, soft, and smooth.

Reach for this deeply nourishing lip butter whenever you need to cocoon your lips in ultimate relief.

Best Vegan Lip Balm

Kadalys - Banana Lip Balm


Kadalys - Banana Lip Balm


Price: $19

Review: 4.3/5

If there's one thing that’s tricky to find, it's a high-quality, effectively-moisturizing vegan lip balm. But we’ve always liked a challenge.

Introducing this cruelty-free, all-natural lip balm that covers all your vegan bases.

Starring Kadalys' omega-rich signature ingredient, yellow banana bio-active to smooth and firm, it gives this lip balm a fruity banana flavor that’s (almost) good enough to eat!

The tropical blend also stars a trio of castor, mimosa, and jojoba oil to seal in moisture, making it just as effective as other balms without those animal-derived waxes.

Perfect for relieving chapped lips, it has the multi-tasking superpower to bring effective moisture to other dry patches of skin—think the corners of the mouth and cuticles.

Plus, its waste-free recyclable pot is worth going bananas for (sorry, we had to!).

How We Selected These Products

These natural lip treatments were meticulously curated by our team of experts based on their innovation, performance, and buzz-worthiness. At the Detox Market, all of the products we carry have pure ingredients, exceptional performance, and cruelty free formulations. We've been the trusted clean beauty experts for over a decade, cutting through the clean beauty noise and providing you with nothing but the best in green beauty. You can learn more about our commitment to clean beauty here.

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