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Ask an Expert: Winter Wellness Routine

As the clock strikes midnight to welcome a new year, many of us look for ways to erase our past and the progress that has gotten us to where we are. Year after year, we set resolutions to do better and be better—but do we ever really need to?

In 2023, we’re focusing on celebrating who we are now and all the work we’ve put into becoming this present version of ourselves. We’re reminding ourselves of the wellness practices and routines we’ve worked hard to build and why we don’t need to throw them away with a change in the calendar year.  

Alexis Bonin, our holistic esthetician at our Summerhill location, has spent a lot of time crafting well-balanced, maintainable wellness practices that she plans to keep around for a long time. We were curious to know what she’s incorporated into her daily routine that has kept her feeling at ease and supported, so we asked her some questions.

Here were her answers: 

You endure long, busy days as our holistic esthetician at our Summerhill Spa. How do you start your day to ensure you set yourself up for success?

I pour myself a large cup of green tea (Tease’s Hocus Focus has become a quick fave of mine!) and sip on it as I reflect on the day ahead, taking the time to organize and plan, while I remind myself of the great place I’m at in my journey. I feel like success is more about how I feel and less about what I’m achieving—so that’s a good place to start. 

Tease - Hocus Focus

I know many TDM team members enjoy some physical activity to kickstart their day. Is movement a part of your routine? If it is, do you have a favorite form?

I love running at pretty much any time of day. I started a few years ago at the height of the pandemic and while it took me some time to build stamina and strength, it brings me an undeniable sense of accomplishment. More than anything, it gives me some time with myself, where I can listen to music and be alone with my thoughts. 

Running is a great activity for clearing the mind. Do you find it helps with stress? Or are there other practices you turn to to help manage it? 

When I’m stressed, I typically try to relax. I find meditation has been great at refocusing my mind and energy, practicing yoga throughout the week, and sipping on Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om at the end of long days. Magnesium is a great mineral for relaxing the mind and body. From day to day though, I find staying organized and surrounding myself with a great support system helps keep my stress at bay.

Moon Juice - Magnesi-Om


You talk about taking magnesium to end your day. How else do you wind down at night?

I like to feel calm and clear before bed, so I start by lighting my LOHN Nord Candle, getting comfy in bed (with my cat, of course!), and playing a low-stress game like Animal Crossing or watching ASMR videos on TikTok to just zone out on.

LOHN - Nord Scented Candle, Black Spruce & Pine

Last but not least, what self-affirmation are you following for 2023?

“There is no speed bump I cannot drive over” is leading the charge. I have learned that with dedication, I can conquer any challenge life brings me and there is a lesson to learn from every experience I have.

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