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Traveling can be routine or adventure, yet when on the go, our bodies are constantly exposed to stressors. Toxins, jetlag, environmental and physical strain can all contribute to lowering our defenses. TRAVEL is designed to address your body’s nutritional needs during times of transition so you can thrive. This hardworking encapsulated blend offers support for immunity and digestion, increased sleep-cycle adaptability, and extra energy for those “super fun” airport runs.

Key Benefits:

Reduced Jet Lag & Motion Sickness

Heightened Immune Defense

Digestion Support
How To Use
"Take 1 - 2 servings (4 - 8 capsules) the day before and the day of your travels. Best taken right before or with breakfast or lunch. Continue to take 1 serving (or more if desired) for the remaining days of your trip and return travel. Incorporating STAMBA DAILY into your health regimen upon return for travel is highly recommended for enduring benefits."

"Camu Camu1, Maca1, Cordyceps1,2, Green Papaya, Ginger1, Black Currant1, Cacao1, Reishi1,2, Chaga1,2, Maitake1,2, Acai1 1 - Certified Organically Grown 2 - Mushroom Mycelium"

48 Capsules Miron Violet Glass Bottle + Recyclable Plastic Lid