Sleep Welle Calming Tea
  • Sleep Welle Calming Tea

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Sleep Welle Calming Tea


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Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea is a unique natural blend of valerian root, hops and skullcap that may assist with anxiety and sleep. A relaxing drink with a fruity flavor to have any time, especially beneficial before bedtime to help improve sleep and calm the nerves.
Infuse 1-2 teabags in very hot water (not boiling) for 2-10 min. Best taken before bedtime and may be used up to 3 times per day. Add honey to sweeten if desired. Best consumed without milk.
Lemon Balm, Hops, Valerian Root, Passionflower, Skullcap, Natural Mango Flavour, Natural Lemon Flavour.
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