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Small Mantra Soy Candle

Ria Ray

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Light and ignite your true self. look within and inspire kindness. Ria Ray's small hand-poured soy candles promote calm and well-being. Each one symbolizes a significant quality of life. Beautiful alone or together. Create a community of your favorite equations and scents by mixing any of the three scent + mantra combinations.With up to 50 hours of burn time, each of the hand-poured, cotton wicked, soy candles features an uplifting scent and a Ria Ray mantra - a sacred phrase or action that teaches love.

Strength + Truth Mantra: “Power.” Sandalwood, Sage and Rose scent
Sacred + Humility Mantra: “Grace." Bamboo, Cassis, and Jasmine Petals scent
Light + Intimacy: “Love.” Blood Orange, Tangerine and Guava scent

4 oz

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