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Large Mantra Soy Candle

Ria Ray

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Light and ignite your true self. you are the answer. Ria Ray's candles promote relaxation and create a tranquil mood, helping you ignite your inner wisdom. Each elegant, hand-poured soy candle features an uplifting scent and a Ria Ray mantra, a sacred phrase or action that teaches love. Slow down and take time to breathe in the mantra, increasing calm and positivity and releasing stress and negativity. 50 plus hours of burn time.

Allow Mantra: "Humility is power." Grapefruit Jasmine Petals scent
Breathe Mantra: “Self-love is peace." Green Tea scent
Love Mantra: “Strength is clarity." Bergamot Rose Petals scent
Dream Mantra: “Creativity is trust.” Pomegranate scent
Truth Mantra: “Patience is love." Peony Orange Blossom scent
Beauty Mantra: “Acceptance is faith.” Gardenia scent

11 oz

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