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Replenish Replenish


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Support your gut, skin, and immunity with this alkaline water-based probiotic. Taken at breakfast or bedtime—alone or in a smoothie—the tasteless, shelf-stable tincture is designed to support your body with the diverse probiotics it needs to thrive.
How To Use
Preferably prior to breakfast or bedtime - take alone (directly from pipette, under the tongue) or add to water or juice as follows: Adults & Teens: 4 pipette pumps Children 3-12: 3 pipette pumps Children 1-3: 2 pipette pumps

Lactobacilus-Acidophilus; L-Rhamnosus ; L-Salivarius; L-Casei ; L-Plantarum; Lactococcus-Lactis; Streptococcus-Thermophilus; Bifidobacterium-Bifidum; B-Lactis; B-Infantis; B-Breve; B-Longum

100ml Miron Violet Glass Bottle + Glass Dropper