Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set

Aiya Matcha

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From Matcha lovers to people who have never tried Matcha before, this Matcha gift set is the perfect gift and contains all of the necessary tools to enjoy Matcha at home.

Sift 1 tsp matcha tea into a tea bowl with a bamboo whisk. Add 3 oz of hot, not boiling, water (about 180 degrees). With the Matcha Whisk, whisk vigorously in a zigzag motion until a light foam covers the tea. After, your Matcha is ready to drink. Adjust proportions to taste. Yields 18.5 teaspoons or about 15-20 servings.
What’s Included:
Matcha (30g)
Matcha Tea Bowl
Aiya’s Documentary DVD*

*This 20-minute DVD covers many aspects of Matcha, including how to prepare it, how it is manufactured, the numerous health benefits of Matcha and the history of Aiya and the Nishio region.

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