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OrganiCup is the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons. OrganiCup is made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone and free of bleach, glue, perfume, lotion or indeed anything that doesn’t belong inside your body. It holds up to 3 tampons worth and can be worn for up to 12 hours so forget about your period during the day. And the night. OrganiCup last years, not hours. It means huge savings for you and our planet.

OrganiCup is Vegan Certified, FDA approved and Allergy Certified.

Size A is for women who haven’t given birth vaginally.
Size B is for women who have given birth vaginally.
Size Mini is for teens or those who need a smaller size

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Before using your OrganiCup for the first time you should sterilize the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Step 1: Simply fold the cup and insert. When you’re inserting your menstrual cup, you need to keep it folded until it is inside of your vagina. Once the entire cup is inside of you, simply remove your fingers and let it pop open. If you feel any dents or folds on the base of your menstrual cup and you’re not quite sure the suction seal has been created, then gently grip the base of the cup (not the stem), and rotate it to make it unfold.
Once your menstrual cup is in place, try to pull the stem a bit, if you feel resistance, the suction seal has been created and the cup has been placed successfully!

Step 2: You can now leave the cup for up to 12 hours.

Step 3: When removing your menstrual cup, pull slightly on the stem until you can reach the base. Give the base of the cup a gentle pinch to release the suction and ease it out. Empty in the toilet and clean with a cleansing wipe, toilet paper or rinse under water before you insert it again.

When your period has ended: Boil the cup for 3-5 minutes in water or simply use an OrganiWipe to disinfect it and store your cup in the original OrganiCup cotton bag.
100% medical grade silicone
Size A is for women who haven’t given birth vaginally.
Size B is for women who have given birth vaginally.

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