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City water is loaded with many harmful additives such as chlorine, trace heavy metals, and other pollutants that absorb directly through the skin and into our body. With the Omica Shower Filter, you’re filtering the water of inorganic substances, making for a healthier you. Omica Organics has developed an integrated technology that yields an advanced filtration system reducing radiation, chlorine, chloramine, lead and other heavy metals. Begin enjoying the many health and beauty benefits, including smoother skin and softer hair. You'll feel the synergy the moment your shower begins.

Unscrew your existing shower head from the wall fitting. Apply teflon tape (provided) to wall fitting pipe threads (where your shower head was attached). Then, Remove red cap from filter and apply teflon tape to threads. Attach the stainless steel connector of the shower filter to wall fitting (where your shower head was attached). Before attaching your shower head, turn the water on and off several times to rinse out any fine black particles of the filtration media. The dark particles will dissipate within the first few minutes of use, and will dispel completely after the first few days. Attach your shower head to the filter (where red cap was removed).

After installing the shower filter, the excess filtration media (dark particles) will dissipate within the first minutes of use, and will dispel completely after the first few days.
The Omica Shower Filter has a standard 1/2" pipe thread that fits most shower connections in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. It installs in minutes; no tools necessary. Teflon tape is provided with the filter. There are no replacement cartridges needed, allowing room for 25% more filtration media (twice the filtration media of other shower filters). The filter lasts 6-8 months, then replace the entire filter, giving you a completely clean and sanitary unit each time. Shower head is for display only and is not included with the purchase of the shower filter.

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