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Mermaid Mask

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Dive into this pot of emerald green goodness and discover mermaid magic. Made from the soil and nectar of Hawaii, this green beauty will help to nourish, purify, soften, and revitalize your complexion. Think of her as a superfood smoothie for your skin. She is full to the brim with nutrient dense Hawaiian spirulina and raw honey, premium chlorella, and glow-enhancing essential oils that will feed each cell of your precious face.


SKIN TYPE: The Mermaid Mask is a superfood treat for all skin types.

BENEFITS: The Mermaid Mask will help to purify and renew the complexion. This emerald beauty will feed your skin a nutrient dense blend of superfood ingredients that will strengthen the skin cells, boost circulation, fight breakouts and moisturize- unveiling the ultimate 'aloha glow'.


Mermaid Mask

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