Oculus Formula

Josh Rosebrook

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If the eyes are windows to the soul then the skin around your eyes are mirrors to your well-being. Oculus Formula is an oil-based treatment that uses moisturizing carrier oils and a high amount of herbal infusions to address the specific needs of this part of your face. These herbs work together in powerful synergy to transform your skin at the cellular level. The Oculus Formula uses an advanced, proprietary formulating process with an uncompromising level of purity.

Apply to a clean face only. For proper hydration, delivery and circulation of actives, first mist with Hydrating Accelerator then apply the Oculus Formula around the eye area.
Organic oils of: camelina, hemp seed, sunflower, coconut, grapeseed and almond; organic herbal infusions of: eyebright, echinacea flower, alfalfa, skullcap, calendula flowers, blueberry, slipper elm, rosemary leaf, chickweed, fennel seed, neem leaf and sunflower seed; organic essential oils of: rose, geranium, lavender, blue chamomile and carrot seed.
10 ml Use Regularly To Help: protect and regenerate delicate skin, visibly brighten, firm and strengthen, minimize and prevent fine lines

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