Active Infusion Serum

Josh Rosebrook

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This highly concentrated facial oil serum contains potent vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants designed to easily absorb into the deepest layers of the skin. A powerful concentration of live, active extracts immediately goes to work, repairing and nourishing skin cells while boosting collagen and elastin production. We love it for oily skin types because it balances oil production while still being super hydrating.

Effective for all skin types, particularly oily skin. Can be applied over the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator or directly onto skin. Use circular motions to apply a small amount of the serum to clean face and neck. Leave in.
Organic Oils Of: Coconut, Sunflower, Hemp Seed, Apricot, Jojoba, Almond, Grapeseed And Seabuckthorn. Organic Herbal Infusion Of: Calendula Flowers, Bilberry, Slippery Elm, Chickweed, Skull Cap, Neem Leaf, Fennel Seed, Ginkgo Leaf, Hawthorn Berry, St. John’s Wort, Green Tea, Marshmallow Root And Alfalfa. Organic Essential Oils Of: Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and a Proprietary Blend Of Other Essential Oils.
How It Works:
Antioxidants in Grape Seed oil, Hawthorn Berry, Green Tea fight fine lines by neutralizing free radicals and allowing collage and elastins to be produced.
Sea Buckthorn, Hemp, Coconut and Almond oils nourish with Vitamin E, moisturizing fatty acids, strengthening amino acids, binding, repairing, protecting, and delivering moisture and protection deep into skin cells.
Vitamins and minerals in Chickweed repair the structure of the skin while calming and healing dry, problem skin.
Slippery Elm and Skullcap antibacterial agents detoxify, calm and balance problem skin.
Neem Leaf's anti-inflammatories smooth and heal. Fennel Seed's antioxidants helps reduce fine lines, brighten and firm skin while helping reduce excess oil production.
Marshmallow Root reduces inflammation and boosts cell immunity against skin degeneration to tone and brighten the complexion.

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