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Gobblet is a fun, educational game of strategy and memory and plays as easily as Tic-Tac-Toe. Gobblet encourages the use of skills such as strategy, visualization, memory and analysis. Gobblet is also the winner of several prestigious awards, making it an instant winner in your home.

Gobblet is also beautifully crafted, made entirely of wood and includes a great box with self-storage for all pieces. It can be stored neatly in its attractive wooden box. Perfect for ages 7 to adult.æ

How To Use: Gobblet is played with two players and can take 5-20 minutes to play between each player. Each player is given 12 game pieces of varying sizes. Each player takes turns placing one Gobblet on the board at a time. The goal is to have four Gobblets in a row. Of course bigger Gobblets can gobble up smaller Gobblets, enhancing your child's ability to strategize. This fast-paced game is simple and will quickly become your family's favorite game!

Contains: Wooden Playing Board, 24 Wooden Pieces, 1 Wooden Storage Box

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