Deeply Clarifying Face Mask


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A deeply clarifying and detoxing mask that is suitable for all skins types. The powerful formula works to draw impurities out from the skin, while soothing irritation and stimulating cellular regeneration. Ingredients like tumeric and clove combat acne-causing bacteria while astringent botanicals reduce the appearance of pores. Fuller's Earth (clay + water mixture) absorbs dirts from the skin and aids in the skin's natural oil production to prevent future breakouts. The mask also supports natural cellular turnover and boosts the skin's cleansing functions, so you'll see benefits for days after use.

Extracts of Neem, Orange Peel, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Turmeric, Clove bud, Tomato in a base of Kaolene Clay, Fuller's Earth and Aloe Vera.

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