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No nasties here! Conscious Period's 100% organic cotton tampons are some of the safest feminine care products on the market. Hypoallergenic with a BPA-free applicator, these tampons are manufactured without the use of toxins, synthetics and dyes. Choose from 3 absorbencies: regular, super and super plus. And, for every box sold, Conscious Period gives back locally to women in need.

How to insert a tampon:
1. Remove the wrapper
2. Pull the smaller tube at the bottom until it is fully extended and a gentle tug won’t allow it to move any further.
3. Ensure that the white string is exposed at the bottom of the tube but do not pull it.
4. Hold the base of the larger tube in the middle of the extended applicator.
5. Gently insert the tip of the applicator into the vaginal opening until your fingers touch your body.
6. Push the smaller tube into the larger one, releasing the cotton tampon into your vagina.
7. When the bottom of the tubes meet, it has been inserted correctly.
8. Pull the applicator out and the string should be visible outside of your body.
How to remove a tampon:
1. Locate the string outside of the body.
2. Gently pull the string out.
3. If the tampon does not come out easily, it might not be full and you can consider leaving it in longer. However, never leave a tampon in for longer than 8 hours.
4. Dispose of tampon by wrapping it up and throwing it in the trash, not the toilet.
100% GOTS certified organic cotton tampons, BPA-free plastic applicators, polypropylene wrappers

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