Birdie 2-in-1 Hand Sanitizer - Charcoal
  • Olika - Hand Sanitizer - Birdie-Grey

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Birdie 2-in-1 Hand Sanitizer - Charcoal


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Meet Birdie by OLIKA. He is a 2-in-1 hand sanitizer with a natural hand sanitizer spray and 10 dry wipes for additional cleaning. Birdie is available in three stylish colors: Robin's Egg, Charcoal, and Eggshell. Mix and match to create your perfect flock.
Birdie arrives in the locked position. We designed Birdie to ensure that the cleaning liquid does not accidentally spray when he is on-the-go. To unlock, turn the bird to the right 90 degrees so that the OLIKA logo is directly on the back of Birdie. (Turn back to center to lock.) Push down firmly on the head of the bird to spray the sanitizer. (Don’t worry Birdie can handle the pressure.) Rub hands together until the liquid dries. When needed, simply spray the sanitizing liquid onto the dry wipe to create a fresh towelette on-the-go. Use wipes to remove surface level dirt and grime.
Active: Ethyl alcohol 65% Inactive: Water, glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citrus aurantium, bergamin fruit oil, metha virdis leaf oil and citrus limon seed oil.
Size: 3.1 inches in height and 2 inches round. Contains 20mL of liquid and 10 dry wipes.

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