Marketing Director


Paris, France

What I love:

Pastel colors, ​​dinners with friends and family, camping, story time with ​my niece ​Winnie, ​laughing uncontrollably. Belly laughs are simply the best!

What I suck at:

A number of things. Doing cart wheels especially.

Favorite spot in the world:

New Zealand! Beautiful in every way. This was where my journey to green living truly started a few years ago.

Words to live by:

Choose what feels expansive and joyful. Approach all things with curiosity.

Why is green beauty important to you?

​I ​have a deep appreciation for authenticity, simplicity and gracefulness. I try to apply these principles to everything I do... from my meals, to the way I care for myself and others. I think of Green Beauty as food for my skin. I want products that are pure, delicious, and made with L-O-V-E.

What is your favorite beauty product?

May Lindstrom's Jasmin Garden can lift up my spirit instantly. It keeps my skin feeling fresh. It is a great pick me up, especially when I travel. I don't use perfume so this is a lovely way to feel put together.

If you could be anyone or anything for a day, who/what would it be and why?

My yoga teacher Julia. She has been teaching since the 90s. She radiates love, strength, connectedness and balance. Such a contagious energy!

Three things in your refrigerator at all times:

Indian food left overs, avocados, almond butter

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