Graphic Designer


Manila, Philippines

What I love:

Baking, the ocean, massages, matcha, loved ones

What I suck at:

Pretty much any sport that involves a ball

Favorite spot in the world:

Palawan, Philippines - the most amazing island

Words to live by:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein

Why is green beauty important to you?

Everything we put on our bodies should be equated to how we choose to eat. I feel so much better and at peace knowing that the everyday products I use isn't harming me or anything else, especially the environment any further.

What is your favorite beauty product?

Suntegrity Tinted Moisturizer - it's the perfect consistency, not too sticky and not too dry either. It goes on super smooth and has the perfect amount of light coverage. I wear it everyday for sun protection and added hydration.

If you could be anyone or anything for a day, who/what would it be and why?

A mermaid :D I'd love to explore the undiscovered parts of the ocean - it's so vast and mysterious and I think it is what makes our planet so beautiful. It's a little scary but there's a calmness to it that makes it so intriguing.

Three things in your refrigerator at all times:

Frozen fruits, almond milk, eggs

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