Top 5 Lip Products

If you're looking for natural, long-lasting color, then look no further because these 5 beauties are the best of the best. Packed with nourishing botanicals that hydrate and smooth lips, while rich pigments provide anything from a subtle sheen to a bold statement. Brands like ILIA, RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis, and Vapour Organic Beauty clearly understand that a good lip product is a beauty lover's best friend.

Color Block Lipstick
Price: $28.00
Brand: ILIA
Product: Color Block Lipstick
Perfect for: Rich, creamy, and full of pigment. Ilia Lipstick comes in a range of eye-pleasing shades that feel incredible for those wanting both color and hydration.
Why we love it: Buildable color that can be applied in a sheer layer and blended into the lip as a tint or layered to create a bold look. There are countless tones to choose from including everyday, evening, and statement colors.
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Price: $48.00
Brand: Kjaer Weis
Product: Lipstick
Perfect for: Lip2Cheek is a multi-purpose, highly pigmented, coconut oil-based cream product that can be applied on lips and cheeks. Great for those who only want to use one color product.
Why we love it: Hands-on and easy to use. Lip2Cheek can be dabbed on where desired and blended with fingers, creating a quick and natural-looking transformation.
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RMS Beauty Lip2cheek
Price: $25.20
Brand: RMS Beauty
Product: RMS Beauty Lip2cheek
Perfect for: Kjaer Weis Lipstick is richly pigmented, has a beautiful matte finish, and is nourishing to the lip. Perfect for those who want a lipstick that provides opaque coverage but isn't drying.
Why we love it: This lipstick is like no other when it comes to it's density of pigment paired with a matte finish. It feels comfortable but looks professional. Looks especially great when applied with a lip brush.
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Lip Shine
Price: $12.25
Brand: RMS Beauty
Product: Lip Shine
Perfect for: Siren Lipstick has a unique, thick texture that coats and protects the lip while providing ample color. Great for those who love rich colour and deep hydration.
Why we love it: We love the Siren Lipstick for its rich consistency that sets into the lip, making it both hydrating and long-lasting.
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