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Perform Perform Perform


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Get active with this meticulously-formulated powder blend packed with adaptogens and phytonutrient-dense whole foods that support stamina, mood, and optimal performance. With notes of berry, maple, and chocolate, this satisfying blend is as delicious as it is effective. Mix it into a smoothie for an energizing pre- or post-workout beverage. 

How To Use
Blend 1 tablespoon (or more if desired) with your favorite milk, water, yoghurt or add directly to smoothies. Ideal prior to and/or following workouts. For additional protein, blend PERFORM with nut butters or serve with yogurt. 

Organic Maqui; Organic Maca; Organic Hemp; Green Papaya; Organic Lucuma; Organic Cordyceps; Organic Camu Camu; Organic Cacao; Organic Reishi and Organic Yacon

280 g./ Approximately 28 servings