Signature Mineral Mask Set
  • Signature Mineral Mask Set

Signature Mineral Mask Set

MV Skincare

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Rich in Silica, Zinc and Magnesium, this mask is softening, strengthening and gently exfoliating therefore increasing the efficacy of all other MV treatment products.

Blend 2 teaspoons to a smooth creamy consistency with a small amount of Rose Hydrating Mist or filtered/spring water. Once the mask has been blended, you can customize by adding 3-4 drops of your favorite MV Skin Booster. Use your mask brush to apply to the face and neck then relax for approximately 7 minutes - do not allow the mask to dry completely. Remove with warm water, damp face washer or muslin cloth, then spritz and moisturize as normal. Use twice weekly for optimum results.
Superfine Sundried White French Clay. Typical Mineral Composition: Silica, Aluminium, traces of Iron Oxide, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.
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