Soothe Calming Cream Soothe Calming Cream
Soothe Calming Cream Soothe Calming Cream

Soothe Calming Cream

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Keep calm. Formulated with high-quality arnica to reduce swelling, soothing chamomile and calendula to ease redness, and cooling mint to provide relief, this rich cream can be used anywhere on the body to revive itchy, aggravated skin. Nourishing jasmine and vitamin E restore moisture for a soft, supple texture.
How To Use
Use as needed, when overheated, after sex, after exercise, whenever calming is desired. Centering, calming, soothing, refreshing and cleansing. Reduced redness and swelling. Post wax, post shave, chaffing, heat rash, aching, aching muscles, itchy skin

Aloe Vera Apricot Ashwagandha Asian Rice Chamomile Coconut Palm Comfrey Damask Rose Ginger Golden and Silver Honeysuckle Grapevine Gum Acacia Lavender Lemon Mandarin Orange Mountain Daisy Neroli (Bitter Orange Oil) Orange Peel Extract Peppermint Perfoliate Honeysuckle Rosemary Slippery Elm Sunflower Sweet Almond Oil Vanilla Orchid other ingredients Acacia Senegal Gum (See Acacia)BeeswaxBehenyl BeeswaxBisabololCaprylic/Capric TriglycerideCetearyl AlcoholCetearyl Glucoside SurfactantCitric AcidGlycerinLecithinLinoleic AcidOleic AcidPalmitic AcidPhytosteryl Canola GlyceridesStearic AcidStearyl AlcoholTocopherolTrioleinXanthan Gum

60 ml/ 2 oz