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Erbaviva's Organic Buzz Spray is an all-natural, organic bug repellant ready to replace mainstream bug sprays. A potent combination of organic and biodynamic essential oils like eucalyptus, cedarwood, citronella, and lemongrass, repel pesky insects while emitting a pleasant, citrusy aroma. Bugs don't stand a chance against this effective, certified biodynamic formula. Formulate without harsh chemicals and synthetics means it's safe for the whole family!

Apply to exposed skin, hair and clothing before going outdoors. Re-apply frequently. Shake well before use.
Water, *BDalcohol, *glycerin, *aloe powder, *catnip oil, *citronella oil, *BD lemongrass oil, *pine) oil, *palmarosa oil, *cedarwood bark oil, *lemon eucalyptus oil, *BD geranium flower oil, *lavender oil, *juniper berry oil, *BD rosemary oil, *BD basil oil, *thyme oil, *peppermint oil, *myrrh oil, *cinnamon bark oil. *denotes certified organic ingredient.BD denotes Biodynamic ingredient, Certified to Demeter Biodynamic standards.

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