DETOX 101: Stress Edition

DETOX 101: Stress Edition

Experts say some stress sharpens your mind and senses. Too much stress produces excess cortisol, a hormone that can trigger all kind of imbalance.

The good news is we can choose peace anytime of day. Here are some suggestions to help get you there.

1. Nurture your health, it’s a necessity, not a luxury. Avoid contaminants, adopt a healthy diet, exercise, and treat yourself with respect.

2. Listen to Your Body: If you’re tired you need more sleep not more caffeine.

3. Life is Movement: Exercise, walk, stretch, dance, climb, swim, swing, just move.

4. Smile at least two unknown people everyday.

5. Breathe: Take 10 slow, deep breaths in through your nose, out through your nose, counting backward from 10 (helps you stay focused).

6. Drink water and be grateful for it! Having access to fresh, safe water is a privilege.

7. Just Be: Watch the sunset, listen to the birds, feel the wind on your skin, gaze at the flame of a candle.

8. Use your best stuff: Best dress, best shoes, best china; every day is a special occasion.

9. Take a long bath.

10. Laugh at yourself or watch a comedy. Keep your sense of humor.

11. Curl up with a good book.

12. Spend time in nature.

13. Call a good friend.

14. Take time for fun and relaxation.

15. Listen to music: Scientists have found that listening to 30 minutes of classical music may produce calming effects equivalent to taking 10 mg of Valium.

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