In 2010, we had a vision: what if we could create a toxin-free space with the flair of Parisian chic? We scouted the world looking for products that remove toxins and pollutants without removing efficacy, taste or style.

We carefully screened and tested hundreds of products, making sure they are good for you and the planet. Choices were overwhelming, and sometimes deceiving. We got down to a short list and asked ourselves: if we had to select the best which one would it be? That’s exactly what we did by choosing only the best in breed.

Breaking away from most green stores, not only do we offer only the best selections, but we also work exclusively with small companies passionate about organic living. Behind each brand stands a passionate green entrepreneur with a hands-on approach that ensures quality and integrity at every step of production.

We opened The Detox Market in Venice, California, introducing the very best and most rare green brands in Beauty and Food, all of which were thoroughly tried and tested, and some of which had never been in the US before.

In 2012, we partnered with Bita Doagoo, ND to launch the Detox Market in Toronto. 

Hope you will enjoy our selection.

Valerie Grandury & Romain Gaillard Founders of the Detox Market.