Have you always wanted to cleanse but didn’t know where to begin? 

The Detox Market and Dr. Alejandro Junger is making it easy for you. Start the summer full of energy and knock off those extra 5 lbs. that seem impossible to lose! On Wednesday, May 1st, for the first time ever, New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D., will begin leading his ‘Clean’ Detoxification Program at The Detox Market in Los Angeles. 

The program described in his book Clean was developed by Dr. Junger to rid the body of toxins and restore it to optimal health by eliminating foods that cause inflammation and allergic reactions within the body. Similar to Dr. Junger’s mission, The Detox Market showcases a very tight selection of beauty, health and wellness brands guiding customers on detoxifying different areas of their life. Dr. Junger and the Clean Wellness Team will lead the program during weekly support meetings at 

The Detox Market 
8380 Beverly Blvd.,
LA, CA 90048
Every Wednesday at 6:30PM starting May 1st. 

This is a complete support group in which participants will be given additional information, a structured Q&A session and most importantly the motivation and inspiration of fellow cleansers from The Detox Market Community. In addition, the Clean Wellness Team will be available via phone and email to offer further support to program. 

The program begins with one week of an elimination diet, during which participants are allowed to eat three meals a day but asked to eliminate alcohol, coffee, sugar, caffeine, wheat gluten, and other known allergens and toxins. During the subsequent 21-day cleanse participants rest and purify their digestive system by eating from a list of whole, healthy foods and limiting their food consumption to a 12 hour window. 

Participants are also encouraged to detoxify the body and mind through yoga, meditation and the use of nontoxic personal care products. Participants will be encouraged to join the Group Cleanse Facebook Page as a support system to share their experience, and see what others are experiencing while they cleanse: OUR GROUP

Please contact us at contact@thedetoxmarket.com for any further questions.