Purpose: Repair Skin - Fade & reduce brown spots - Minimize fine lines & wrinkles

A Summer in Hossegor is bursting with the highest natural concentration of Vitamins A, C and E combined with antioxidants to fade and reduce brown spots and repair sun-damaged skin, while improving elasticity and hydration.

Wild carrot seed oil, cold pressed in a small French village using the same traditional method for over two centuries, is the most skin-firming and anti-aging oil available.

Blueberry is one of nature's most potent sources of antioxidants. Research shows that its oil possesses significant radical-scavenging properties.

Papaya oil retains moisture by preventing transepidermal water loss (TWL). It's rich in a natural fruit enzyme called papain which prevents and helps eliminate brown spots. Furthermore, the enzyme dissolves dead skin cells to create a fresh, vibrant glow.

Buriti seeds are extraordinary gems found in the Amazonian jungle from a tree referred to by locals as "the tree of life." The bright, ruby red oil has an incredible ability to moisturize and rehydrate.

How To Use: Mix 1-2 drops into your moisturizer as a booster, or apply pure for a deep treatment.

Ingredients: Wild Carrot(Daucus Carota) seed oil, Organic Blueberry(Vaccinium myrtillus) seed oil, Organic Papaya(Carica Papaya) seed oil, Buriti(Mauritia flexuosa) fruit oil

A Summer in Hossegor
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About Odacité

It all started in 2004 when founder & CEO Valérie Grandury discovered she had breast cancer.

This event triggered a desire to completely reinvent her life, reconnect with nature and step into a beautiful and fascinating healing journey.

In order to heal, she felt the necessity to detoxify her environment. Valérie adopted a raw food diet, quit her job in the film business to dedicate her time to learning and studying the healing power of plants and became a health & wellness coach. 

Valérie soon discovered that some of the most toxic elements in a woman's daily life come straight from personal care products. She quickly realized that the very expensive French brand she slathered on with confidence every day was a cocktail of dangerous chemicals, some of which were known carcinogens!  Much to her astonishment, when Valérie turned to organic skin care, she discovered that the products did not bear a manufacturing date and wondered how the ingredients could retain any active properties after so many years in a jar.

Emboldened by her new philosophy of not cutting corners when it came to health, Valérie decided to start making her own fresh skin care. The underlying motto she applied to food, “It all lies in the freshness of the raw ingredients,” would apply to her skin care, from inception till this very day. She sourced the freshest, purest organic ingredients from all over the world and formulated her own age-defying blends. The secret to her magical ointments, then and now, is to use a freshly made skin care in a window of time during which each ingredient retains its full freshness and efficiency. Hence, the Freshiency™ Date was born. 

The crèmes made such a difference on Valérie’s skin that she gave them as presents to her friends. It was an instant hit. Odacité was born to answer a growing demand from women who saw the difference those blends made on their skin.  Like Valérie, they could not imagine ever using anything else.