Premium Matcha 30g tin

For the true tea connoisseur, Aiya's premium Matcha provides a level of quality that is typically reserved for high-class Japanese tea ceremonies.æ

Country of Origin: Japan.æYields: 18.5 tsps, 15-20 servings

How To Use:
Whisk tea in a bowl with a bamboo whisk.
Sift 1 tsp matcha tea into a tea bowl.
Add 3 oz hot, not boiling, water (about 180 degrees).
Whisk vigorously in a zigzag motion until a light foam covers the tea.
Matcha is ready to drink.
Adjust proportions to taste.
Matcha Premium Grade
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About Aiya Matcha

Aiya is Japan's leading matcha tea producer. Given Japan’s penchant and ancestral know-how for providing the highest-quality teas, we had to try it!

Matcha is the most exciting discovery of the 21st century's modern tea world. Created over 800 years ago by Buddhist monks as a meditational drink, matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest and most premium of all tea varieties of Japan.

Now for the first time in 120 years since its establishment, Aiya is introducing the best matcha and Japanese premium green teas for you. All matcha is grown in Nishio, Japan under excellent conditions, planted with heart and plucked by hand. Every Aiya leaf is produced carefully and tested before reaching your kitchen.

Aiya's own internal food safety lab carefully monitors the quality and consistency of each tea, spearheaded by their tea sommeliers who blend each tea.